Streamline your operations with fentu Field Service Management, the intuitive technology designed for SMEs, empowering you to proactively manage field resources from a centralized platform accessible seamlessly on your computer or smartphone.

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What Makes fentu FSM Unique

Ease of Use

Our app is designed with user-friendliness in mind, making it simple and intuitive to use.

Niche Business Solution

Created together with industry experts to provide service for construction needs.


Supporting multiple working principles, such as organizing, tracking resolutions or designating field technician assignment.

fentu provides the software tools to manage every aspect of your building process in the field.

Integrated work management for daily changes.
Our integrated work management system allows you to easily adapt to daily changes, as all work and employees are visible through our intuitive visual interface, plus making modifications is a breeze.

With fentu FSM software, you will have access to all necessary paperwork, guidelines, instructional films, and previous fault data -all available before and on the job.     


Asset registration and service agreements at the core.
fentu FSM excels in automation, converting contracts into automatic recurring maintenance schedules. fentu FSM streamlines contract administration tasks by converting contracts into automatic recurring maintenance schedules. It is essential for ensuring equipment is repaired so it can continue to function as intended.

Our customers rely on us to keep their operations running efficiently, and their satisfaction is key for contract renewal and increasing customer spending. You can carry out and monitor all of these actions regularly with fentu FSM.


fentu helps you get the right staff to the right place quickly

  • Reduce wasted admin hours and increase productivity
    with complete visibility of your team and their schedules

  • View team schedules in daily, weekly or monthly view

  • Plan timetables based on zones, preferred field staff
    member or distance to the site

  • Bulk-schedule teams and their equipment to projects


Integrate fentu with your existing accounting software to streamline workflows, get a real-time view of cash flow, and maintain data accuracy.

With quick syncing between fentu and your accounting package, you can save hours cross-referencing transactions and handling information twice.

  • Minimize duplicate data entry

  • Send customer information in seconds

  • Easily track and make payments


fentu FSM Professional Analytics & Charts

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An easy ride for technicians with fentu FSM

Simple and User-friendly

Optimized for Technicians. An App that is easy to follow and use.

Offline Functionality

Optimized for Technicians. An App that is easy to follow and use.

Stay up-to-date

The system will let you know if something is new or you are behind your schedule.

Benefits of Field Service Management

fentu web app

Easy work order creation via our fentu FSM office user, showcasing an example of our reference client TEC Supporter. 
Reduce Field Service Costs

Reduce costs by using the FSM system to keep track of additional tools or software and limit extra travel charges.

Enhance UX Satisfaction

Determine whether technicians are meeting client expectations and dealing with problems or unexpected delays ASAP.

Boost Efficiency

Assign the technician to the work and present them with essential information on a single console in a timely manner.

Field Personnel Support

Give technicians access to mobile devices and remote assistance so they can stay secure and compliant.

Better Staff Scheduling

With a transparent, flexible approach to staff scheduling, you can reduce problems, enhance customer service, and save time.

Boost Productivity

Automate processes & eliminate data entry troubles by updating logs in the office. Directly increase productivity & enhance dispatch cycle for technicians.

fentu mobile app

The field Technician can easily us Android or Apple apps and drive their tasks online and offline.

fentu FSM Process

Under fentu FSM we provide services in three different fields: Installation, Maintenance & Repairing and Service.

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fentu FSM Success Story

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“We chose fentu because it focuses more on the type of business we are"
Carissa, Magnetite Singapore Pte Ltd instals double glazing. We are a small Singapore-based firm that manufactures and instals these double-glazed window systems with our own workforce. Although we are not window installers, we are in the same market as them. 

We are finding it challenging to keep track of appointments, where our workers are assigned, our finances, and how we are utilizing our limited resources as we plan to expand our size next year. We decided it was time to find a way to automate, use, and organize our complicated tasks and limited resources. 

We chose fentu as our solution since it focuses more on the sort of business we are than on the technicians themselves. They provide many options on a single platform that will allow us to track our appointments, unique products, and staff. It will provide a link between our office and their workplace.

fentu also collaborates with

fentu FSM integrates with applications you use to support end-to-end business workflow


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