Building Materials

fentu products can bring a range of benefits to the building materials industry.

Improved Efficiency & Effectiveness

fentu ERP benefits in the Building Materials Industry

 fentu ERP benefits building materials industry by managing accounting, inventory, customer relationships, and supply chain. It tracks orders and manages inventory, streamlining operations and improving efficiency.

Manage and Optimize Field Service Operations

 fentu FSM system helps to manage and optimize field service operations in the building materials industry. Including; scheduling, dispatching technicians, tracking service calls, managing customer interactions, and optimizing service routes.

Streamline operations and improve work efficiency

fentu connect manages all software solutions through a single interface and enables communication with various software. Integration of fentu ERP, CRM, and FSM streamlines operations and improves efficiency in automatic door businesses.

Smooth Management of Business Operations in the Building Materials Industry

fentu products helps building materials businesses to improve their efficiency and effectiveness by automating processes, reducing manual errors, and providing real-time data visibility. 

fentu FSM Success Story

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“We chose fentu because it focuses more on the type of business we are"
Carissa, Magnetite Singapore Pte Ltd instals double glazing. We are a small Singapore-based firm that manufactures and instals these double-glazed window systems with our own workforce. Although we are not window installers, we are in the same market as them. 

We are finding it challenging to keep track of appointments, where our workers are assigned, our finances, and how we are utilizing our limited resources as we plan to expand our size next year. We decided it was time to find a way to automate, use, and organize our complicated tasks and limited resources. 

We chose fentu as our solution since it focuses more on the sort of business we are than on the technicians themselves. They provide many options on a single platform that will allow us to track our appointments, unique products, and staff. It will provide a link between our office and their workplace.

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