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fentu Connect

The data uploader

Your Ultimate Integration Solution

Use the most popular data loader for ERP to quickly and securely import, export and delete unlimited amounts of data for your company.

Connect Your External Systems

Import clean data every time without the errors, headaches, and long dev cycles.
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The heart of the Master Data application is the Data Loader. With it, you can download master data templates for specific data objects and upload when completed, update or overwrite existing data, or download object data resources saved to the cloud. The Data Loader feature validates for errors, such as missing required fields and format inconsistencies.

Our Process

Login to your integration and monitoring cockpit via a website.

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Monitoring Integrations can be done via the website or our mobile App available for Apple and Android.

Integration Monitoring Dashboard

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Leveraging our pre-build API kits and ready made integrations to common cloud systems, Integration is a topic of hours and not days.

Using our Wizard allows step by step integrations

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Selecting the inbound system can be done from be loaded configurations we and your partner help you to setup.

Select your Inbound system

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Similar to the Inbound, the outbound can be selected for the pre configured systems.

Select the Outbound System

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Field mapping has never been that easy.

No hassle field mapping

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Need to send data only on conditions or have other requirements? No problem.

Conditional formatting

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In 6 easy steps to the integrated solution landscape.

Done and dusted

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Implementation Approaches

Professional Services

Our 20+ experts are certified in the technologies we integrate with. They bring extensive knowledge to deliver goals quickly and efficient. 

The team provides ongoing assistance to customers, with monthly resource allocation on a pro-rata basis.

Partner Network

We couldn't do our integrations without your implementation and support partners. Many customers feel comfortable working with their current support providers, so do we!

Loop your partner into the discussion and we will collaborate with them on the integrations to deliver even faster value. 

Install Plugin

fentu translates all your data elements into one universal document, so you only manage a single connection.

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No hassle field mapping

allows you map data in real time, with no additional coding required.

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Moving data from one location to another, one format to another, or one application to another.

Data extraction is the first and one of the most important steps in the data lifecycle. With fentu you can easily access data stored in a variety of technologies and formats. The prebuilt and custom connectors offer an effortless process of connecting to homogeneous or heterogeneous sources. It includes databases, information management systems and ERPs, cloud services and data warehouses, manufacturing equipment, and IoT devices.


Data transformation is one of the fundamental aspects of data migration and integration tasks. fentu offers a wide variety of data transformation techniques and methods to easily convert, cleanse or clean and structure data into a desired format at any stage of the data processing journey. This can be a simple conditional replacement or a complex multi-step data conversion with use of rules and lookup tables.

Data Validation

Checking the integrity, accuracy and structure of data
Data validation is an essential part of data processing to ensure the accuracy and quality of the data. With fentu you can easily identify data that might be inaccurate, inconsistent, incomplete or missing. The checks can be executed at any stage of the data processing cycle. The results can be displayed in a user-friendly graphical format or exported to a table format with low-level details. Integration with Python Data Science packages offers an extra level of analysis and data profiling.

Data Automate

Data Automation is a collection of steps necessary to transfer data from one system to another in a desirable format. These steps include data ingestion, transformation, processing, and delivery to the target destination. fentu offers a code-free solution enabling your non-technical teams to create data automation and data flows within minutes. The highly flexible data pipeline engine provides a comprehensive set of automation methods and triggers. This includes triggers driven by changes in source data, time based triggers, web hooks based, or manual automations. The pre-engineered templates and connectors offer rapid deployment and quick delivery of results.

There is no need to invest in multiple costly EDI software components, which then forces your team to install add-ons, change menus or screens in your ERP system, or alter the way they work in order to do business with your EDI trading partners. fentu works with your current process – there are no add-ons to install and no screen changes required. fentu is completely cloud-based and runs entirely in the background, making it possible to be EDI compatible without the hassle.

We’ll keep track of updates to retailer templates so you don’t have to. When an update is available, approve the template and begin using it right away.

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fentu is housed in the cloud so you never have to invest in hardware maintenance or data protection. Install a small utility on your local server and fentu begins accessing real-time data immediately.


supported by AI, we spot integration errors and rectify them with our self learning AI. 

A Flexible Integration For Your Needs

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