fentu ERP

fentu ERP pricing is designed specifically for Window Industry. It is based on SAP Business One and has connection to Windowmaker, Orgadata, 3E, Klaes, Fenzon and more to give you the best window software for your business.

fentu ERP

About fentu ERP

Designed specifically for the window industry, fentu ERP is a software that optimizes business communication, project management, cost control, production planning, and resource management through real-time data access.

Core Functionalities and Custom Integrations

We removed functionality that you already get from your window manufacturing system, and created custom integrations to the most common window manufacturing system.

Revised Pricing

SAP Business One for less than €5 per window produced 4 licenses, min contract duration 3 years. We revised pricing to reflect a cost per window rather than the usual costing.

Quick Deployment

We built a rapid deployment solution with core processes already available for quick setup. Integrated business intelligence and Integration with the SAP S/4 HANA platform

Our Core Functionalities

Continue reading if you're struggling with your current ERP and Manufacturing Solution. Get the add-ons you're missing today with fentu ERP.


Finance / Accounting

fentu ERP allows you to create a budget and manage financial resources for a variety of purposes like as raw material purchases, marketing campaigns, staff pay, transportation, and a variety of other operational expenses.


Purchasing & Warehouse management

The most critical parts of your inventory to keep track of are the sales total, stocks, current requests, and deliveries on the route.


Logistic & Supply Chain

Managers can easily track and monitor all parts of the supply chain using fentu ERP, ensuring that potential problems are spotted and addressed as quickly.


Project Management

Over time, the fentu ERP system stores information on all of the company's projects. Based on previous results, this allows for more efficient planning.


Reports & Analytics

Reporting on data analysis so that they can make informed decisions. Charts, graphs, and visualizations are used in the reports to show findings in a single source of truth.

fentu ERP Benefits

fentu Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software combines the various business operations into a single system to simplify information and procedures. This allows employees across departments to instantly access the same data and make quicker, more informed decisions.

Increased productivity

fentu ERP manages and automates operations while preventing overlaps. It promotes refined strategic planning, timely and conscientious decision-making, increased speed, improved synchronization, and the management of massive amounts of data. Thus, tasks can be automated, staff can be used in a more productive way. 

Saves time and money

Using a single system helps your business avoid paying several subscriptions for platforms.fentu ERP decreases the need for updating, looking for, and keeping paper documents by automating operations and consolidating information in a single platform. It lowers mistakes, saves time, and prevents unexpected expenses. 

Easy Forecasting and Reporting

Businesses may optimize inventories, make better supply chain choices, and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the movement of products by evaluating the data.

With fentu ERP software, it is simpler because it will assist with inventory planning as well as staffing, budgeting, marketing, and other tasks.

Improved data security

Older ERP systems required manual upgrades to every component of the program, they were prone to cyber theft. The ERP supplier uses modern technology to issue auto-updates on schedule, avoiding the danger of data theft. Furthermore, this increases your clients' uptime and provides them piece of mind that their data is protected.

Real-time Inventory Management

By merging valuable parts information with our management and work order tools, you can follow your parts from the warehouse to truck stocking to on-site arrival with the customer.

This feature also reduces disruptions to field service and maximizes transparency, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Increased Workforce Efficiency

fentu ERP has all of the information available in a centralized database and accessible in real-time, you can track operations anytime.  identifying obstructions and ensuring that everything is going as planned. 
Users can access the data from anywhere and at any time using their mobile or computer.



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