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fentu ERP is designed specifically for Window Industry. It is based on SAP Business One and has connection to Windowmaker, Orgadata, 3E, Klaes, Fenzon and more to give you the best window software for your business.

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About fentu ERP

Designed specifically for the window industry, fentu ERP is a software that optimizes business communication, project management, cost control, production planning, and resource management through real-time data access.


We removed redundant functionality and integrated with popular window manufacturing systems.

Revised Pricing

SAP Business One for less than €5 per window produced 4 licenses, min contract duration 3 years. We revised pricing to reflect a cost per window rather than the usual costing.

Quick Deployment

Our rapid deployment solution includes core processes, integrated business intelligence, and seamless SAP S/4 HANA integration for quick setup.

Core Functions

Continue reading if you're struggling with your current ERP and Manufacturing Solution. Get the add-ons you're missing today with fentu ERP.


Finance / Accounting

With fentu ERP, you can create budgets and manage financial resources for various purposes such as raw material purchases, marketing campaigns, staff pay, transportation, and other operational expenses.


Purchasing & Warehouse management

fentu ERP enables you to effectively manage your inventory by tracking important metrics such as sales totals, stock levels, current requests, and delivery routes.


Logistic & Supply Chain

fentu ERP empowers managers to efficiently track and monitor every aspect of their supply chain, allowing them to quickly identify and address any potential issues.


Project Management

fentu ERP accumulates information on all of your company's projects over time, providing valuable insights that enable more efficient planning based on previous results.


Reports & Analytics

fentu ERP provides comprehensive reports with clear charts, graphs, and visualizations based on data analysis for informed decision-making.

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fentu ERP Benefits

fentu ERP simplifies business operations by integrating them into a unified system. Employees across departments can access the same data in real-time, enabling quicker, informed decision-making.

Increase Productivity

fentu ERP automates and manages business operations, preventing overlaps and promoting efficient strategic planning, timely decision-making, improved synchronization, and effective data management. This enables automation of tasks and more productive use of staff.

Saves Time & Cost

fentu ERP consolidates operations, eliminates manual document management, and prevents unexpected expenses, reducing costs for businesses. It automates operations and consolidates information, streamlining processes and improving efficiency.

Easy Forecasting & Reporting

Optimize inventories, supply chain decisions, gain product insights by analyzing data with fentu ERP, which simplifies inventory planning, staffing, budgeting, marketing, and more, providing businesses with valuable insights for better decision-making.

Improved Data Security

Older ERP systems required manual upgrades, making them vulnerable to cyber theft, while fentu ERP's modern technology issues automatic updates to reduce the risk of data theft and increase client uptime and data security.

Real-time Inventory Management

Track parts from warehouse to customer site with fentu ERP's integrated tools, reducing field service disruptions and maximizing transparency, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Boost Workforce Efficiency

With fentu ERP's centralized database, you can track operations in real-time and identify any obstructions, while its mobile and computer accessibility allows for easy data access from anywhere and at any time.



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