Facility Management

fentu products are versatile and can be used in the Facility Management Industry as well.

Streamline Operations & Enhance Efficiency

Manage and optimize field service operations

In the facility management industry, fentu FSM systems optimize field service activities. This includes scheduling and dispatching technicians, tracking service calls, managing customer relations, and optimizing service call routes.

Streamline operations & improve productivity with fentu ERP

ERP systems handle accounting, inventory, customer relationships, HR, and supply chain management. This streamlines operations and improves productivity by automating financial processes, tracking orders, and managing inventory.

Access everything in one interface with fentu connect

fentu connect provides a comprehensive solution that integrates various software systems, streamlines operations, and enhances efficiency in facility management through a single interface.

Simplify business operations management

fentu solutions can significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of facility management organizations by automating procedures, reducing errors, and providing real-time data insights. Designed to work in harmony, these solutions collectively aim to simplify business operations management.

Success Story

Patrick Bauer
“fentu allowed our experts to view customer projects from anywhere and made it easier for customers to contact us.”
-Patrick Bauer, CEO of TEC Supporter

The major issue for TEC Supporter GmbH was that they install, maintain and service from different suppliers high tech automated door units. They were mainly on Excel, pen and paper. Because the organization is complex, with many projects often housed within a single building, their team requires complete visibility over their workers, machinery, and tasks.TEC Supporter was also searching for something for their sales and field service. 

fentu was able to show the right concept and did the adaptation required other suppliers did not want to perform for this industry. These considerations drove their choice to leverage cloud technologies, Hubspot, and develop a digital homepage, all of which fentu can deliver. Furthermore, it helps the organization with end-to-end procedures, from initial client inquiries to paying, all in one straightforward system.

fentu Interview with Patrick

Patrick Bauer, Managing Director of TEC Supporter GmbH, shared his experience working on maintenance, installation, and service for automation doors using fentu.

TEC Supporter GmbH primarily deals with different clients and customers, ranging from large hospitals, hotels, and supermarkets.

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