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fentu ERP works with the leading software. Find out how we can help you take the lead in your industry with ERP that is made for every business need.

Intelligent Automation

Only with automated, end-to-end business processes can you run your mission-critical operations efficiently – and get your enterprise working together as one.

Cost Savings

ERP software reduces administrative and operational costs, freeing up money for other uses. This helps manufacturers manage operations proactively, prevent disruptions and delays, and break information logjams.

Improved Process Efficiency

Eliminates repetitive operations and lowers the need to manually enter information, improving user productivity and preventing costly business blunders.

SAP Business One for less than €5 per window produced 4 licenses, min contract duration 3 years

We spend time and money on redesigning it for your business: 

  • We spent time and money on your remodel.

  • Deleted window manufacturing system functionality.

  • Created custom connections with common window manufacturing systems.

  • Changed pricing to cost per window.

  • Built a quick-deployment solution with key processes.

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