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fentu MRP is tailored to the Window Industry and brings together ERP capabilities with Windowmaker, Orgadata, 3E, Klaes, Fenzon and more to give you the best window software for your business.

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About Windowmaker

Windowmaker Software Limited is a global leader in the supply of software to the window and door sector. They have the expertise and experience to create unique market-leading solutions that are used on a daily basis by thousands of clients globally.


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fentu x Windowmaker


Fast and straightforward!

A single software solution for all materials, including uPVC, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, steel, and composite.


Windowmaker provides the flexibility and features to match your needs, whether it's offering a solution to your resellers, sales clients, own sales employees, or surveyors.


You can receive the necessary design, schedule the production, and streamline your operations with just a few clicks. From sales quotes to labor instructions, assisting your company throughout the whole process.


Windowmaker makes it easy to process sales orders that make it to the manufacturing stage. It offers a variety of optimization tools to assist decrease waste and specific work instructions.

Windowmaker Upgrade Plan (WUP)

A comprehensive service to maintain and protect your investment in Windowmaker software is offered through the Windowmaker Upgrade Plan.

Our continuous aim is to improve your experience based on actual consumer input. Regular improvements are to be expected, which will make managing your business easier.

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