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Our mission is to help all types of businesses go digital by offering customized software solutions. We believe that technology can benefit everyone, and we're dedicated to making it accessible to all. 

  • About Us

    fentu leverages technology to transform businesses of all kinds, specializing in process automation, ERP systems, and CRMs. We simplify complex operations and maximize commercial benefits through our innovative software solutions and expert consulting services.

  • With building materials industry experience, co-founder Klaus Knops understands the challenges of contractors, installers, subcontractors, and architects. We streamline construction and prevent loss of earnings with our expertise in window installation, smoke removal, and air conditioning maintenance.

  • After COVID pandemic and raw material constraints, many large and medium-sized businesses have adjusted their strategies in the past two years. To meet the inventory management and logistics needs of these manufacturers and their customers, a robust ERP system with an online shop function is necessary.

  • At fentu, our goal is to digitize industries by integrating the right software solutions for various manufacturers. We represent Procore, Windowmaker, Fenzon, and HubSpot for the window industry, with support from affiliated companies INK IT and Digitus. Whether you're a large window manufacturer or a small contractor, we're here to help streamline your operations and drive greater success.

Mission, Vision & Values

At fentu, our mission is to partner with businesses to achieve digitalization. We don't just sell products; we work alongside our clients as their trusted partners.

We strive to become the leading digitalization service provider in our target sectors, focusing on SEA, ANZ, and Europe.

Our values are embedded in everything we do. We prioritize the importance of relationships, fostering a culture of open communication among team members, customers, and partners. We are committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of our business.

Our Team

We have a global team of consultants based in the Philippines, India, Malaysia, Chile, Thailand, and Turkey.


The Founders

Mathias Knops

Marketing expert and entrepreneur with 15 years experience in CRM and marketing consulting engagements.

Klaus Knops

Internationally experienced CEO and consultant with 30 years of experience in building industry.

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Philipp Hacker

Software technology expert with 15+ years of Salesforce experience in the Software industry.